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Like many business owners, you may be considering upgrading your existing phone system to better meet the needs of your business. With several options to choose from, finding the right platform for you and your employees can make the difference between just a phone system and something much, much more.

There are several options available in today’s marketplace
Telephony platforms have changed dramatically over the past decade, enabling business owners a multitude of systems and features. PBX Systems are those that run off of traditional phone lines. Upgrading your PBX platform consists primarily of purchasing new equipment. However, while these systems ensure the stability that phone lines provide, they offer little in the way of enhanced features and functionality. IP (Internet Protocol or VoIP) Systems utilize the internet as the voice and data delivery channel. IP platforms provide users with tremendous flexibility and exciting new features including ease of expansion, remote access, and more sophisticated call management. While these features to expand the utility of a phone system, they often require a significant financial outlay for on-site equipment. In other cases, they operate from the provider’s remote equipment which results in less customization. Additionally, IP Systems are reliant solely on the available internet bandwidth meaning that speed and accessibility can often be unstable.

The Solus Voice Platform difference
Solus Managed Voice Platform (MVP) offers business owners the enhancements of an IP platform with the piece of mind of a traditional phone line. That means you can receive expanded tools to make your business run more smoothly without the worry of service slow-downs or interruptions. In addition, unlike other IP platform that require business owners to purchase the on-site equipment, Solus Contract Services assumes many of these costs, greatly minimizing your financial risk. Because the equipment is dedicated to your business, Solus Contract Services can customize your platform to your specific needs.

Added features to optimize your business
Solus MVP turns your phone system into an integrated communication system linking phones, faxes, PCs, and printers to create more efficiency in your office and out of the office. When out of the office our platform enables you access through your mobile phone, tablet or from remote locations. In addition, you can tailor the features to make managing your business more effective through options like call recording, block lists, database integration and even voicemail to email. And, because the equipment is dedicated to your business, there are no licensing fees or costly expenses to add new users as your business grows.

About Solus Contract Services, Inc.
Solus Contract Services is based in Chicagoland and has been providing our clients best-in-class network and communications support nationwide since 1996. Our dedicated, personalized service has earned us a loyalty rate of over 95% from among our existing customers. Whether you have one employee or one thousand, we pride ourselves on finding the right solution to meet your individual needs.

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